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Lorri Williams

Lorri has been with Comm-Tech pretty much since inception! She is one of the top Autodesk sales people in the state of Colorado. Lorri covers clients in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. She can help you not only with your Autodesk purchases, but also with licensing questions. If you need training, whether in the classroom or custom on-site, she can make sure you get what you need.

If you have Lorri for your Account Manager, then you are one lucky company!

Direct: 720.279.8015


Stefanie Jung

When you call, chances are that Stefanie answers!

Stefanie is our sales support system. She not only helps with your phone calls, but she also helps get important information out to you through our newsletters! Stefanie is here to help you find the person that can answer your questions and get you back to work as quickly and productively as possible.

Phone: (303) 530-4976


Lori Amsbaugh

When you order it – Lori processes it! Lori is here to make sure that your orders are processed smoothly and correctly with Autodesk. Lori takes your order from inception to completion and tracks it through the system. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without this type of detailed support!

Phone: (303) 530-4976


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