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Financing & Leasing


Why should you consider leasing?

  • Pay as you go: Pay for revenue generating or cost saving equipment as it is used.
  • Conserve cash: Leasing allows for a minimal cash investment, generally just the first and last payments in advance.
  • Maintain current credit lines: Keep valuable bank credit lines available for future business opportunities.
  • 100% financing: Software, freight, installation, training and often service contracts can be included in a lease.
  • Fixed payments: Lease payments are fixed for the term of the lease even if interest rates increase.
  • Tax deductible: Lease payments may be a fully deductible expense under IRS Section 179.


Balboa Capital

Our preferred Leasing company is Balboa Capital. If you are considering financing your software and/or training, we highly recommend Balboa. Let us know if you would like us to send you an application. Sometimes we can even get you pre-qualified without an application. Check out Balboa’s Equipment Leasing Calculator. Are you interested in a Section 179 Tax Deduction Calculator?


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